May Plaka Ka Na, May Kotse Ka Pa!


May Plaka Ka na, May Kotse Ka Pa!
500YOC Commemorative Car Plate Raffle Promo

The year 2021 will be a significant year for all Filipino Catholics as it celebrates 500 Years of Christianity (YOC).  This event commemorates the first Catholic mass in 1521 held in Limawasa, Cebu that ushered in Christianity in the country and established the strong religious faith of the majority of Filipinos.

In line with this, the 500YOC Commemorative Car Plate was released to celebrate this once in a lifetime event that serves not only as a valuable souvenir but also as the best memorabilia for this rare occasion.

More importantly, the main purpose of the project is to spread awareness of this once in a lifetime event which is being overshadowed by the pandemic.

The 500 YOC Commemorative Plate will also serve as a vehicle in raising funds for the different parishes nationwide in support of their various programs for the poor like community pantries, and feeding programs as well as for the repairs and maintenance of its chapels.

It’s our humble way of showing that we are part of this rare and once in lifetime celebration and each one of us are “gifted to give” in helping our fellow Christians who are in need. Thus multiplying the act of giving.


Avail your 500YOC Commemorative Car Plate and be a Proud Catholic on the road.

A. Mechanics

  1. Must be at least 18 Years old to purchase. For every purchase of One (1) 500YOC Commemorative Car Plate Entitles you to 1 raffle Coupon.
  1. Prizes:

          To be drawn on April 2022 (Major Prizes)
           a. Grand Prize : One (1) - 2021 Maxus D60
           b. First Prize : One (1) Vespa S125 i-get
           c. Second Prize : One (1) Yamaha N-MAX 2021

          To be drawn on April 2022 (Minor Prizes)
           a. Third Prize : One (1) Samsung S21
           b. Fourth Prize : Dinner for 5PAX with 2 bedroom
               overnight stay.

          To be drawn monthly from Oct. 2021 to
           April 2022 (Monthly Prizes)
           a. 5 winners of Php1000 worth of fuel from
           b. 10 winners of Php500 Cash
           c. 20 winners of 500YOC Home and
               Business Plates

      3. Other benefits in purchasing the 500YOC
          Commemorative Car Plate

          a. One (1) Year Travel Accident Insurance
          b. Religious Offerings/Mass intentions
              for 500 days

      4. Draw dates

          Via Live Electronic Raffle

           a. Grand Draw – April 2022 (Major Prizes)
               Deadline of Submission of Entries – First week
               of April 2022.
           b. Monthly Draw – From October 2021 to
                April 2022 (Minor Prizes)
               Entries Cutoff – Every last day of the Month,
               to be drawn within the 3rd or 4th week of
               the following month.

               So Make sure to like and follow our Official
               Facebook Page for updates on schedules.


 B. Purchasing and Registration 

  1. Purchase the 500YOC Commemorative Car Plate at any authorized participating outlet.
    SRP : Php5,800.00
    (Shipping fee will be paid separately)
    No limit on the number of purchases. More purchase means more chances of winning.

    Package inclusions:

             1PC – 500YOC Car Plate (Validity 12/31/2022)
             1PC – Pouch
             1PC – LTO Commemorative Sticker
             1PC – Certificate of Authorization 

  1. Register thru this link :
    Or scan this QR Code.


  1. Wait for the Email Confirmation.

C. Terms and Conditions

As subscriber of this commemorative car plate,        I obligate myself to protect and keep the name of CBCP and its authorized partners, representatives and organizers untarnished.

I submit myself to all the rules and regulations of acquiring this commemorative car plate under the governing guidelines of Presidential Memorandum No. 405 and LTO Memorandum dated November 6, 1996 and October 6, 1997 respectively, specifying the rules and regulations in using commemorative car plate.

The commemorative license plate shall be on top over the regular front vehicle plate. Removal of any of the regular plate to accommodate the commemorative license plate is strictly prohibited;

The LTO commemorative conduction sticker should be placed on the front windshield;

The certification of authorization (CA) together with the machine copy of the LTO Certificate of Registration (CR) and Official Receipt (OR) must be retained inside the motor vehicle at all times;

The unauthorized transfer of the commemorative plate to another vehicle is strictly prohibited and must only be attached to the motor vehicle issued this commemorative plate.


 D. Claiming of Prizes 

     1. Winners should present Valid and Registered
         Certificate of Authorization which is included
         upon purchase, together with Valid Government
         Identification Card.

     2. Prizes should be claimed personally by the winner.

     3. Prizes are Non-Transferable unless otherwise
         the winner has expired, thus it may be transferred
         to an immediate family member.


 You may avail the 500YOC Car plates thru the links below.

Via Shopee



Via Lazada